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The WIC is a professional organization that aims at coordinating and stimulating the work of professionals in the field of Information and Communication Theory in the Benelux (i.e. Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg) and Germany.

The WIC organizes an annual two-day technical symposium where researchers from Industry and Universities from Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany meet and discuss their current research results and interests. The WIC also organizes MidWinter Meetings of a tutorial nature on current topics in its field.

The IEEE Information Theory Society will bestow its 2015 Aaron D. Wyner Distinguished Service award to Han Vinck. Amongst his many services to the Information Theory community, professor Vinck served as a chairman of the WIC from 1998 to 2001.
The WIC board congratulates him with this prestigious award.

Prof.ir. E.W. (Willem) Gröneveld, founding father and honorary member of the WIC, passed away on January 20, 2015, at the age of 88. Gröneveld was professor in network, information, communication, and system theory at the University of Twente. We remember him as a very constructive and conscientious WIC member, who has been of great importance to our community.

On behalf of the WIC board,
Jos Weber (WIC chairman)